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Bunya People’s Aboriginal Corporation

Our Story

The Bunya Peoples’ Aboriginal Corporation (BPAC) was built on a series of collaborative forums and planning meetings starting in 2007. Strategic partners included Traditional Custodians, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Regional NRM Bodies, Australian Government Indigenous Land Management Facilitators, State Government Agencies, Local Government, and environmental academics.

Guided by the Elders Council and with the support of the diverse stakeholder group, the ‘Bonye Bu’ru’ Bunya Mountains Aboriginal Aspirations and Caring for Country Plan, (The Green Plan) was published in 2009. The plan advocated the need for Aboriginal Governance, to insure the proper management of culture and country in the Bunya Mountain landscape.

The plan was also crucial in the successful application to the Australian Government resulting in the Bunya Murri Ranger program commencing in 2009. The Elders group negotiated an auspice arrangement with the Burnett Mary Regional Group for NRM (BMRG), to manage the Murri Ranger program while Aboriginal governance and management capacity was developed.

The Bunya Peoples’ Aboriginal Corporation was incorporated on 17th October 2012 with the aim of developing and implementing strategies to achieve the goals set out in the Green Plan. The primary goal was to recover full management of the Bunya projects.

The BPAC Forward Focus Guide 2013 – 2018 was a five-year plan identifying strategic actions to assist the board in achieving its goals. The broad themes identified in this plan were Culture, Country, and Business.

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