Bonye Dagun

Bonye Biar – Bunya Mountains

Bonye Biar has been likened to a ‘Parliament House’ for Aboriginal people across Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

TMR Environmental Offset Properties

The BPAC Rangers are working in partnership with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to manage environmental offset properties on the Toowoomba Escarpment. These properties consist of high value mixed eucalypt woodlands, and interesting sections of sand-ridge, wet and dry rainforest. BPAC are conducting fire practice, weed management and monitoring activities on these properties.

Saint Ruth’s Reserve

St Ruth’s reserve is situated on the Condamine River, one of the key connections and songlines to the Bunya Mountains. St Ruth’s reserve holds strong cultural heritage values, with numerous scar trees demonstrating strong occupation and use of the area by Aboriginal people. St Ruth’s reserve also features Poplar Box woodlands, a threatened ecological community. BPAC Rangers work closely with Western Downs Regional Council in managing this area.


The BPAC Rangers are housed at Gummingurru in partnership with the Gummingurru Aboriginal Corporation (GAC). Gummingurru is a unique and significant ceremonial area, where initiation of boys into manhood was undertaken and is strongly associated with the journey along songlines to the Bunya Mountains. The BPAC Rangers work in partnership with the GAC to manage and maintain the property that the site is situated on, including fire practice, weed management and community education activities.